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My Design Process

I build informational or commerce websites for small to medium sized organizations. My websites utilize dynamic data objects that can be used for almost any application imaginable.


What is a Dynamic Website?

My websites are built with dynamic post types. This means that you can instantly create new pages for various categories on your site just by filling out a simple form with the page’s content.

This is great for displaying, organizing and filtering many different types of information:

  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Catalogs
  • Services
  • Case studies
  • More

When I was 15, I knew I wanted a specific haircut. I knew how to generally describe it, but I didn’t know what words to say to my barber to get the results I wanted. When I was 17, I first heard the term high fade—and 30 minutes after I spoke those words to my barber, I had exactly what I wanted.

Most of my clients are the same way when they come to me. They know that they need a new website, and they knew that it needs specific functionality. However, they just aren’t sure of the term.

This term, 9 times out of 10, is dynamic.

Do you want a website that allows you to easily add or remove categorical information (products, services, personnel, or anything else)? That’s exactly what I offer. With your website, information will be controlled from an easy to use dashboard, and then immediately (dynamically) appear on the website. If that’s what you’re looking for, read on.


Getting Started

Before working with me, we’ll start off with a short phone or Zoom meeting to discuss what you’re looking for and if I’m able to help you with it. During the meeting, we’ll decide whether your website’s primary objective will informational or commercial.

I build websites that are intended to fulfill one of two objectives:

A) to attract customers, clients or leads by functioning as a sales or lead generation tool—or

B) to allow customers to place orders and purchase products directly from your website and integrate into your existing workflow (usually by automatically connecting to your inventory manager, accounting software or other software tools).

Most websites I build perform both of these tasks, but almost all of websites have one of these as a primary objective.


Design & Development

If I determine that I’ll be able to help you and you decide you want to work together, I’ll take you through my three step design and development process.

During this phase, we’ll put together a sitemap for your website and determine the ultimate actions we want your users to take when they arrive at the site. These will be mostly hand-drawn flowcharts. Depending on the complexity of your project and the number of people providing input and feedback, this might take anywhere from a half hour to several days.


Based on the plans from the previous phase, the website will be drawn out as a hand-sketched wireframe. This will help you get a visual fix on how the end-product will be structured.

Once the wireframe is approved, a style guide will be designed based on your existing logo and brand. This style guide will define fonts, colors, spacing, image guidelines and other details that will be used to guide the design.

During this phase, the actual website will be designed by applying the style guide’s rules to the wireframe. The result will be an exact depiction of how the website will look when it’s finished.

All project stakeholders will have an opportunity to request changes. The design will not be developed until approval is given.

During this phase, I will develop the final design as a WordPress website using Elementor, Custom Post Types and Advanced Custom Fields. This technology stack allows me to build the website rapidly and accurately while also making it easy for your team to manage the content in the future. The development process usually takes 7-14 days depending on complexity.


Project Management

During the entirety of the process, you will work directly with myself and my assistant Irena. I’ll never palm you off on a call center. Additionally, you’ll have the ability to email me at any time and receive a response within 24 hours.

In order to simplify the task of project management with larger clients, I usually prefer to have a single client contact. This helps to prevent conflicting requests from different parts of your organization, and ensures a speedy timeline through the design and development process.

Ready to Go? Got Questions?

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It’s my objective to make the job of building a new website as painless and fast as possible. If you are looking for a partner who can alleviate the stress of this process and make sure that you can focus on what really matters, fill out this form to get in touch with me. I’d be happy to make your life easier.