Logo for Dropx2

I started this project with a few concepts, building on the idea of heavyset typography and bright color. The client and I eventually decided to move in a different direction, opting more for visual interest through shape and outline rather than color, keeping it monochromatic.

Second Rendition

This version was a blast to create. It was so fun and challenging, getting the x2 to sit in the proper place and contrast enough with the “OP” behind it to still be legible. This is probably one of my favorite logos to date.

Final Version

The thought to extend the tail of the p was my idea, as was the idea to apply a gradient. However, the idea to use a texture rather than a gradual fade belongs to the client. A real stroke of genius! We started off using fading lines, kind of like a UPC code, but ended up going with a halftone. It looks really great on his website. As of this writing, it’s currently under construction, and should be up by Dec 4, 2018. I can’t wait to show it off.