Volkswagen Golf

Illustration for Coyote Racing

These materials were built for a German auto racer based in Atlanta. He wanted his vehicle competing in a battle of tug-of-war with a Mustang… and his winning, of course. We also ended up constructing a clean and elegant logo to use alongside his other brand materials.

The Sketches

The Composite

This is the first version of the Golf illustration. Later versions eliminated the outline, relying only on fills to show the shape, and featured gradient meshes to give a more realistic appearance. The Golf here was entirely created in Adobe Illustrator, though the final version features raster-based effects such as smoke trails, noise, background texture and wheel-spin. The final version can be seen below. 

Volkswagen Golf

The Illustration

This is the final version. I got really detailed on this, going so far as to even include the ventilation ports on the brake discs. I love cars, especially Mustangs, so this was a really fun illustration.

Coyote Racing