About Me

Doodler, Drummer and

Digital Designer

I’m John. I was born and raised in Montana and spent the early part of my life with my nose buried in various books. I’ve always enjoyed art and music, and play drums and guitar. I’ve dabbled in many disciplines over the last five years, but have found that I’m able to make the most positive impact on my country and planet through digital design.

I started as a freelance graphic designer in my junior year of high school, and gradually specialized into web design and development. In 2018 I decided to pursue digital design full time, and spent 13 months living in Montana working exclusively for myself. 

During and since that time, I’ve pursued a degree in web design & development from Full Sail University. I’ve found the knowledge I’ve gained there to be supremely valuable, and over the last six months I’ve become more able to serve my clients in spectacular new ways that I’d never dreamed possible. I’ll be graduating this August.


Where I'm At

I’m an avid traveler based in the Smith River Valley in central Montana. Since 2017, I’ve spent a total of six months of my life on the road. I’ve visited every state west of the Mississippi River (and five to its east), the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. I’m planning to visit the rest of the U.S. states this summer.

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