The Research Phase

In The Beginning, There Was Research

First, I will spend time conducting an in-depth review of your business’s web presence, that of your competition, and of your industry as a whole. I may ask to speak to some of your customers, some of your employees or other business associates. This stage is integral to identifying all the areas where your and your competition’s service is lacking. Armed with this information, we can now develop strategies to provide a user experience that will surpass your customers’ expectations in a way your competition cannot. 

Deliverables are provided throughout the design and development process. These deliverables are for presentation to stakeholders, and allow them to get a feel for the project’s progression.

During this phase, you will receive a report detailing my findings. Data and statistics, analyses, customer profiles and conclusions drawn from these things will be yours. With this information, you can see deeper into the impact you have on your market and identify new ways to crush the competition.

Research Phase Deliverables:

  • Research report
    • User personas
    • Existing research
    • Most important platforms to design for
    • What’s being done right
    • What could be improved
    • Lots more

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