The Development Phase

With a comprehensive array of design assets to work from, the development phase of your website can now begin.


Before coding can be done, a development environment needs to be provided for. This will usually be either a local development environment on my own computer, or a live website on a subdomain of your existing website ( Either alternative will be decided upon based on performance needs, confidentiality requirements and other constraints.

I do not require my clients to have hosting and a domain arranged prior to work starting, although having both is a wise way to avoid long timelines and potential hosting incompatibilities. I will provide SSL security throughout the development phase and for an additional three months after my work is finished.


To begin with, I will build out the skeletal structure of the website. Every page that I will be designing will be provided for and all links to and from the various pages will be put in place. I will also pay attention to other miscellany that need to be attended to.


With a solid frame in place, I will then put in the next level of finishing. I’ll put the photographs, graphics and text into their respective places and ensure that all buttons and links point to the appropriate place. Any custom code that needs to be written for bespoke functionality (third-party app integrations, appointment booking functions and the like) will be done at this phase.


With the content in place, I go through the entire website, page by page, and implement styling according to the style guide. This is when the website really starts to shape up: colors start coming into play, fonts fall into position, and graphics get put in their appropriate places.


The final stage consists of applying the finishing touches wherever they are required. This is what takes the website from good enough to a finished product.

User Testing II

Another round of user testing will be employed to hunt down bugs and get rid of any rough patches that don’t provide the user a great experience.

Following the completion of the final round of user testing, the website will be turned over to you, its new owner. If it hasn’t been built on your hosting space, it will be either delivered as a ZIP file or installed on your servers, depending on your preference.

Ready to Roll?

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