I build impressive and effective websites for small businesses.

Want to bring in more leads?
Build a better website.

Building a website is a big job.

There are a lot of ways to get it done, and each option presents its own challenges.

Work with an agency

Design agencies produce good work, but are notorious for long lead times and charging tens of thousands of dollars, even for simple projects.

Do it in-house

Your team is already busy. If things get even busier, you may end up wasting hours on something that never got done.

Hire on Upwork/Fiverr

Hiring a freelancer from an online board might be cheaper in the short term, but often produces mediocre results in the long term.

Just let it sit

The least productive thing you can do is stick with a website that isn’t doing anything to help you, or worse, might even be holding you back.

The good news? You’ve got another option.

I’m John Kakuk, and I’m committed to building you a great website without making you compromise on quality, price or timeline.
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Get a superior website

Your website will look fantastic, provide a great experience for your users, and position you as a credible, reliable and professional expert in your field.

At a fair price

An agency might charge you $20k or more for a simple website. I believe that you don’t have to pay nearly that much to get a top quality website.

As quickly as two weeks

Websites can easily balloon into 6 month projects. I use a simple, reliable process to maximize efficiency so that you can deploy your website quickly.
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My work

I understand how important it is for your business to stand out from the competition. I leverage effective website design to accomplish that objective for my clients. Here are some examples:

My happy clients

"Try to match speed + quality and tell me if you find anyone faster than John. I dare you. But jokes aside. It was a really high quality job. The website looks great, he referred me Jules to do the copy and he was also a Rockstar. Website speed is something I'm always very picky about, we got a score of 96. My previous site which was already optimized got a 50."


Advanced Digital Marketing
"John was absolutely exceptional. This project was a large lift & on a ridiculously tight deadline. John was wonderful every step of the way, from helping us craft the right approach, provide feedback and wireframes extremely quickly, and generally implement everything we needed in short order. I would recommend John to anyone looking for a professional, talented, and generally phenomenal partner for design & implementation of any website."

Mikolka Morrill

John is an absolute wizard and great guy. He did an incredible with both of my sites. I cannot highly recommend him more. He’s extremely detail oriented and efficient. Very knowledgeable. You’re biggest mistake as an entrepreneur would be NOT hiring this guy!

Peter Darrow

Wise Millenial

I make a new website simple.

There’s a lot that goes into building a new website, including many opportunities for lost time and costly delays. I help you avoid all those problems and get an effective website to market quickly and simply.
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Step 1: Discover

First, we’ll get on a call and talk about what you want your website to do for you. The key is to help me understand where you are versus where you want to go. With that information, I can design a website that will help you get there.

Step 2: Design & Develop

Over the next 2-6 weeks, I will first work with you to frame your website. Once we have the framework done, we will work together to compile content and imagery for it. Once that’s finished, I will develop the site using WordPress.

Step 3: Deploy

Once you approve the finished website, I will help you deploy it. This involves connecting it to your .com domain name, configuring email addresses, and planning ways to drive traffic. Your website is now ready to start helping you grow!
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If you’re anything like me, you love your business.

I know how hard it is to have a website that just doesn’t do your business justice. You do great work and create happy customers, but you’re worried that your website isn’t doing as much as it could to help you grow (or worse, might even be driving away business).

I believe that nobody should feel hesitant to share their company’s website. I felt like that once. That’s why I decided to make my business about your website.

Here’s how it works: first, we jump on a phone call to go over your current website and discuss what you want your future website to do for you.

Next, I’ll meticulously design a unique website and fill it with effective content that will convert your visitors into buyers.

Finally, I’ll build the website and help you deploy it. You’ll end up with a live website that’s ready to help you grow.

So click below to schedule a discovery call so that you can finally stop wondering why your website doesn’t work and start enjoying the confidence that comes with a strong online image!

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5 Ways Your Website
is Costing You Sales

(And How to Fix Them)

There are 1,001 ways a website might fail to convert its users, but fortunately, there are some very simple ways you can overcome them. Download this guide to improving your conversion rate and creating an effective website!
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